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Thicker Growth, New Color

Keracyte-b is a scalp conditioner that stimulates the hair follicles with a special protein / peptide formulation in order to restore the vitality of your hair, enhance your self-confidence and restore your youthful appearance.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Whether thinning, receding, or completely gone, hair loss is often tied into heredity and various environmental factors. For some people, it starts later in life. For others, hair loss may begin to occur during early adulthood.

How Keracyte-b Works

Thanks to Keracyte’s follicle stimulating component, your hair follicles become stronger and more resilient, allowing them to better function as intended.

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Good Scalp Maintenance leads to Healthy Hair

Receding hairlines, bald spots, or male pattern baldness can be devastating to your appearance and confidence, but they don't have to be!

The ingredients in Keracyte-b are key in maintaining a healthy and vibrant scalp. Keracyte-b will help your hair shafts grow longer, thicker and with more of your original color, and help you maintain the appearance of a full head of hair.

Keracyte-b has a mechanism of action that is completely different than any FDA approved hair loss drug.

The exclusive protein/peptide complex in Keracyte-b stimulates and nourishes your hair follicles to grow larger with more hair producing and more color producing cells. The unique amino acid/mineral complex is a potent anti-oxidant that protects your existing cells from the destructive effects of exposure to UVA/UVB rays and DHT.

Whether you use Keracyte-b by itself or in concert with other products, you will see a difference.

Try it Risk Free!.  Use it for 60 days and if dissatisfied return any unused product for a refund.

Its never too early to start caring for your scalp!

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Keracyte-b Scalp Conditioner
maintains a healthy and vibrant scalp
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